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Галерия „Арсенал на изкуството“

Прожекция на театрален спектакъл „Horse in love“ (Гърция)

Why love and sex are still taboo issues for people with disabilities? Why is love unlucky? What is the access to it? Where can I find love? How can I experience it? How open are we when the discussion comes to love our adult child? Do disabled people who live in institutions have access to love?

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Прожекция на театрален спектакъл „Horse in love“ (Гърция)
Прожекция на театрален спектакъл „Horse in love“ (Гърция)

Кога и къде

17.03.2022 г., 19:00 ч. – 21:00 ч.

Галерия „Арсенал на изкуството“, ул. „Магура“ 4, Пловдив, България


За събитието

„Horse in love“

What is love? How do we experience love? Does everybody have access to it? Third part of the trilogy The Other Normal, born out of En dynamei Theatre Ensemble, a collective of young artists with and without disabilities and their need to openly share their personal stories and explore universal aspects of human individuality, Horse in Love / The Absurdity of Love, directed by Eleni Efthymiou, is a performance about love, this special form of ‘disability’ which holds power over people, torpedoes them, electrifies them, drives them mad, sets them ablaze. A performance celebrating spontaneous vitality, sexual impulses, all the senses which have been numbed by a strictly rational perspective on life. A performance breaking through social barriers and hurdles in order to address the absurd, instincts, the forbidden, the imagination, the soul, persevering on the quest for an ultimate and mutual love.


Прожекцията не е подходяща за лица под 16 годишна възраст.

Проектът е реализиран с финансовата подкрепа на Национален фонд “Култура” по програма “Едногодишен грант ‘21”.


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